Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision and Core Brand Value

The corporate vision of the Group is to be the “Brand of BENGAL, Sparkling the World”. This is also our core brand value. The Group always puts forth maximum effort to reach its goal of becoming a globally recognized and desired brand, and as one of the BENGAL’s most renowned brands in the luxury industry, the Group commits to crafting the finest jewelry for customers to further establish its reputation in the INDIAN & international market.

Corporate Mission

The Group always puts its greatest effort to reach the expectations of the shareholders, customers, employees and contribute to the community:

To add value to shareholders’ investment, maintain a steady growth in business and profit

To provide value-added products and services to its customers

To provide its employees with a professional development environment and grow together to achieve corporate goals

To contribute to the community through enforcing the communications with public and participating in charity events

Corporate Values

Practicality – Advocating a pragmatic and realistic way of doing business

Innovation – Continuous learning and strive for change as well as innovations

Integration – Build a harmonious corporation both internally and externally

Excellence – Demonstrate full commitment, quest for excellence and continuous improvement, endeavor to be the best

Corporate Management Philosophy

People Focus – The basic attitude of the group towards its employees

Value for Harmony - Harmonious internal and external environment is the basic conditions for the success of the Group

Focus on Results – Refers to both efficiency and effectiveness